Acne or pimples, What are the treatment options??


Acne are infected bumps on skin.They can occur anywhere on the body. But most commonly people get it over face.

There are many reasons for acne/pimples like hormonal changes during puberty, certain disease conditions , medications and stress.

What are the the types of pimples?

Small bumps called papules

Pustules are papules with pus

Nodules are painful bumps under skin


What are the normal distribution patterns?

Usually acne are seen over the cheeks ,forehead and chin. Those around the chin are attributable to hormone.

The nodular variety is difficult to treat has deeper acne and more painful


The acne treatment is different according to the stage of disease

In the infective phase mild acne can resolve with topical antibiotics and medicated cleansers. Those not responding to the above need to take topical retinol or retinoid oinments . More severe cases you need to take antibiotic tablets or retinoic acid tablets

Women planning pregnancy should avoid retinoic acid in any form since there is risk for anomalies in unborn baby and wait atleast 6 months after treatment before getting pregnant.

What are treatment options for acne scars?

The treatment includes chemical peeling with acids, laser treatment and microdermabrasion

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