Myopia, Hypermetropia, Astigmatism.How to read a spectacle prescription


Spectacle power is common nowadays among young chidren and adults. Lets see how to read a spectacle prescription.

Myopia or shortsighteness

Myopia occurs due to the abnormality in eyeball length.Denoted by minus power example,-2.00Ds.It will only increase with age more during puberty. Common among school going children and people who spent lot of time indoors and doing near work.

Hypermetropia or farsightedness

Hypermetropia occurs due to short eyeball length.Denoted by plus power. Example +2.00 Ds.Babies are born with plus power but it slowly decreases and become normal by childhood. Common among old people and children with squint.


Also called cylinder power, astigmatism is congenital due abnormalities of cornea and eyeball. It is denoted by a minus or plus power followed by an axis eg. +/- 2.00 Dc @90 °.It tends to increase or decrease with age. Common in allergic children who rub their eyes.

These powers can occur concurrently, ie, a minus sphere with an minus cylinder eg. -2.00Ds/-2.00Dc@90° or a plus sphere with a plus cylinder. eg, +2.00Ds/+2.00Dc@90°.

It is recommended that you visit your eye specialist every 6 months if you have spectacle power.

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