My dream chocolate bar

Describe your dream chocolate bar.

Having a sweet tooth by birth my favourite chocolate bar is of course, the India’s own, Dairy milk Silk. We Indians grew up tasting dairy milk chocolates from our childhood . So many childhood memories are interwoven with chocolates and sweets.

As a child, the main source of chocolates were from my dear aunties and uncles ouside kerala. They used to visit us once in an year and gift us these delicious sweets and chocolates .

After growing up, I had many chances to travel across kerala. On my trip to munnar in my late 2000s, among many things we bought we also eagerly grabbed a box of home made chocolates. The taste was super delicious, a homely one, especially in the cool climate of munnar.

Later, My friend gifted me Toblerone, which was delicious too. But still my heart searches for a dairy milk silk whenever I go shopping .


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