Home remedies for bloating and gas

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Nearly everyone face bloating issues once in a while. This can be temporary or occur as a part of long standing health problems. Here are some of the simple ways you can relieve your bloating issues

1.Analyse your problem– If you notice any change in your bowel habits , just recollect what you took as food recently. If there is no conclusion, then you can think of other cause like lack of sleep, sedentary life stlyle or stress. Also if the problem is recurring look for a pattern.
2.If food is the problem try to limit or avoid that particular item. It may vary from person to person but generally people have gas issues with pulses, potato, cabbage, milk etc. It is better to live off the junk and unhealthy ones.
3.Hydrate yourself.- Drink around 3 to 4 litres of water daily
4.Take time to relax.-Read books, listen to songs, go for a walk etc.
5.Exercise– Any form of exercise but don’t overdo it.
6.Practice yoga and meditation-I am a practitioner of yoga and it actually restores your mind body connection. Especially beneficial if you have irritable bowel syndrome. IBS is thought to be due to imbalance of brain gut axis
7.See a doctor. If you can’t find any solution by yourself it is always better to consult a doctor.

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