Eye floaters:How to get rid of them?


Have you experienced seeing black objects floating in front of your eyes often?. They are usually seen against a bright back ground.They are called eye floaters.Let’s find out more about this condition through this blog.

What are eye floaters?
Eye floaters are spots in your field of vision.They may also appear like strings or cobwebs which are black in colour or transparent.Floaters tend to drift back and forth across your field of vision but move away when you look at them.Usually they wont affect the vision but may impair the quality of vision.The person may find them annoying.
What are the causes of eye floaters?
As you can see in the above image there is a gel like substance inside our eye called vitreous.As we age the protein fibres in the vitreous tend to shrink and clump together. They may cast a shadow in our visual field against bright light. These shadows are called floaters.
Who are more likely to get eye floaters?
Eye floaters are seen as a normal phenomenon in:
-People above 50 years as an age related change.
-Short-sighted (myopic) individuals.
-After cataract surgery.
However it can also be a symptom of many serious conditions such as:
-Inflammation or infection inside eye
-Bleeding inside the eye
-Retinal tear
-Retinal detachment
When to see an eye doctor?
-If you suddenly start seeing a lot of floaters
-Accompanied by flashes of light from the eye
-Blurring of vision
What are the treatment options?
If your eye doctor do not find any retinal pathology then, a few eye floaters in your visual field is of no concern. However if it affects your quality of vision then few treatment options are available :
  • Vitrectomy – Removing vitreous from eye and replacing with saline.
  • Laser vitreolysis– Using laser to break down floater.
How to prevent eye floaters?
  • Take a balanced diet
  • Quit smoking
  • Relax eyes frequently

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