Musings in the drizzle

What is your favorite season of year? Why?

There is no other season like rainy season for me. Grown up in a tropical area, rains bring with them memories of childhood.

In Kerala rainy season happens twice a year. The one in june called monsoon is a relief to the scorching heat of may. The other one is in october which is a short one.

The first rain has an earthy smell to it also known as ‘petrichor’. In the later days, rain water gushes from the crevices of small rocks, collecting as small puddles near our homes. Nearly everyone would have floated paper boats on puddles.

The water level in the rivers also rises and some areas may be waterlogged. The waterfalls make their way in great force sounding like thunder.

Since schools reopen in june , our initial classes are very pleasant and relaxed and we may feel sleepy. During rainy sundays we enjoy sleeping under a blanket and towards evening we enjoy a cup of warm tea and banana chips.

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