I listen to talks

What do you listen to while you work? I usually listen to some informative and inspiring talks on youtube.I rarely waste my time. I make every second productive. I rarely use youtube and social media for entertainment.

Are you really having migraine?:Symptoms and treatment

Nearly 90 percent of headache patients I see in OPD says they have migraine.Migraine is very prevalent nowadays but there are other causes of headache too. Most of them wrongly diagnose their headache to be migraine. Migraine is episodic, sometimes occur weekly, monthly or yearly. A classic migraine headache has a premonitory stage, aura, attack… Continue reading Are you really having migraine?:Symptoms and treatment

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Board games

What’s your favorite game (card, board, video, etc.)? Why? I am an athletic person. I maintain my physical fitness daily.I love playing badminton and all sorts of sport games.When it comes to indoor games, I love playing board games. My favorite ones are chess, snake and ladders and ludo. Actually, what I love about these… Continue reading Board games