Acanthosis nigricans – causes and treatment

Acanthosis nigricans is defined as the thick velvety dark coloured neck in some people, mostly obese females.Some have dark tags over skin too.

In my clinical practice I see many patients with the condition, most of them using some over the counter medications for the same. However they are rarely effective.

I have seen a girl with skin irritation due to scrubbing neck with lemon daily. Of course, this condition is a cosmetic concern, but please do not use any irritants like this on skin.!!!!

Some of the causes of acanthosis are obesity, insulin resistance, certain medications like birth control pills and steroids, certain tumours of liver, kidney etc.

The people with acanthosis are also likely to develop diabetes and PCOD in future.

Treatments like chemical exfoliants have limited role. The main treatment is actually control of obesity, stoppage of medications and removal of causative tumours.


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