Benefits of walking as an exercise

In ancient times people used to walk long distances in search of food and water. As time passed by, when everything became available at fingertips, we turned out lazy.

In India, almost every family has a scooter or bike even if they are poor. Others use public transport. Nobody walk for long distances, neither do they exercise. Exercise and fitness seems to be confined to upper strata people.

Walking is the most simple form of exercise in my opinion. It has got immense benefits like improving cardiovascular health, reducing blood pressure, reducing risk of diabetes, boosting memory, preventing depression and improving sleep.

Walking is a form of aerobic exercise. Swimming and cycling are other examples. When you walk or climb stairs your lean muscle mass increases.

It is recommended to walk atleast 30 minutes a day. It can burn upto 500 calories. Moderate paced walking is better that fast paced walking. The former is the one enhancing life expectancy.

Before and after you exercise remember to drink water and stay hydrated. Always opt for outdoor walking when you can. Find some friends and chat with them while you walk.

So start exercising as soon as you can. It can have tremendous impact on your health and can improve your day as a whole.

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