My hair growth journey- Tips to grow strong and healthy hair

Long, strong and healthy hair has been the favourite of all women including me.I had short hair in my childhood. In India we use to cut hair short for kids to prevent cold and fever.

It is said, according to ayurveda, thick hair in children cause moisture to stay in scalp, leading to increase in ‘Kapha dosha’. So you won’t be able to see many Indian girl children in long locks.

Since I had short hair I always dreamt of having a long one. So I never forget to apply coconut oil on hair daily. I had bath around 11 am and I used shampoo rarely.By the age of 17, I was having long and thick hair.

But after joining medical school, I couldn’t care for my hair. I had baths late at night after my studies. Sleeping with a wet hair led to dandruff, split ends and what not.. I started losing a lot of hair

In the later years, I continued losing a lot of hair due to my busy schedule. My hair got incredibly thinner. Later I tried homemade herbal oil. It has made my hair darker but not thicker.I also noted painful pimples over scalp.

Later I consulted a dermatologist and she advised some hair growth remedies which I am sharing with you all : 1. Keep your scalp clean always. 2. Oiling your hair can moisturize the scalp, but keep it maximum for 1 to 2 hours and then wash it off completely. 3. Use hair treatments to minimum 4. Don’t keep a wet hair to sleep 5. Eat healthy balanced diet 6.Don’t comb your hair frequently, use a genle hair brush instead 7. Limit heating, ironing and colouring of hair.

Since I started implementing this routine, my hairfall has reduced and health of my locks have improved drastically. So try all these tips. I hope you found this write up useful.

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