Lack of sleep: Causes and prevention

Sleep is one of the basic needs of human beings. Getting a good night’s sleep after a hectic day is the most relaxing thing for mind. But nowadays many are struggling with lack of sound sleep.

I too had struggle sleeping few years back. Those days I had a lot of stress and suffered from depression and anxiety.I got anxiety attacks towards evening, which mde me unable to sleep and had depression episodes in the morning so that I couldn’t get up from bed. It affected my job.It was such a horrible time!!

One thing I can tell you, nothing happens without a reason. If you have lack of sleep you should find out the inciting cause yourself. Common causes are stress, mental health disorders like anxiety and depression, certain medications for diabetes and hypertension and overuse of gadgets towards evening.

I have seen most of the old age women also complaining of lack of sleep. It is quite normal I would say at that age.

Lack of sleep can cause a hell lot of problems unless treated. It can lead to poor performance in studies , job and daily life. You may act like a maniac due to poor comprehension, get prone to accidents etc.

To get a good night sleep, first of all, keep stress away. If you can’t manage by yourself try to consult a psychiatrist . Do yoga and meditation. Read good self care books like ‘How to stop worrying and start living’by Dale Carnegie. This book has helped me a lot during my stressful days

Keep gadgets to a minimum at bedtime. Practice sleep hygeine ie, try to wake up and sleep at a fixed time. Limit caffeine intake.Exercise regularly.These simple tips can help you go a long way


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