Are you really having migraine?:Symptoms and treatment

Nearly 90 percent of headache patients I see in OPD says they have migraine.Migraine is very prevalent nowadays but there are other causes of headache too. Most of them wrongly diagnose their headache to be migraine.

Migraine is episodic, sometimes occur weekly, monthly or yearly. A classic migraine headache has a premonitory stage, aura, attack phase and prodromal or post attack phase.

During premonitory phase you may feel tired, get increased sensitivity to light and sound, ringing sound in your ears

During aura, you may see flashes of light, feel numbness or temporary blurring of vision

During attack phase, there can be headache, which is pulsating, throbbing or piercing type. Some may have nausea or vomiting.Next comes the post attack phase when you fell tired again, lose balance of body or numbness in body

The causes for migraine is different for each person but most common ones are stress, lack of sleep, overuse of gadgets, intake of caffeine and menstruation

The treatment for migraine depends on the severity and frequency of symptoms.Some of the drugs are paracetamol, domperidone etc. Never self medicate. Treatment of migraine vary for each person . Always consult a physician.

And instead of treating when disease occurs always try to prevent it at the first place. Avoid the triggering factors. Migraine is common but you can prevent recurrence by taking precautions and proper treatment.

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